Determining which heating system is best for your home, lifestyle, and budget can be challenging. When the time comes to install or replace your furnace or heating system, let the experts at Dependable Heating and Cooling help you make the decision. We specialize in the installation of all types of heating systems, including gas, electric, and commercial rooftop units.

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You wouldn’t buy a new vehicle and not change the oil. Like that vehicle, your furnace needs consistent maintenance. Replace filters regularly and schedule a furnace inspection annually.

Dependable Heating and Cooling offers a 25-Point Winter Wellness, Safety, and Efficiency Check to make sure that your furnace or heating system is running efficiently and is ready for colder temperatures. Sign up for our Advantage Club Program for your annual check in addition to other benefits, including priority scheduling, same day service, and repair discounts. Learn more.

25-Point Winter Wellness, Safety, and Efficiency Check

Our technician will complete the following:

  1. Clean flame safety sensor
  2. Clean burners
  3. Clean and adjust pilot burner assembly
  4. Test furnace carbon monoxide levels
  5. Test furnace carbon dioxide levels
  6. Test furnace air fuel mixture
  7. Test furnace efficiency
  8. Inspect furnace venting
  9. Test all safety controls
  10. Test gas valve operation
  11. Check blower motor for worn bearings
  12. Check and adjust belt tension
  13. Check furnace venting for proper draft
  14. Check water heater for carbon monoxide and proper draft
  15. Check thermostat and confirm proper operation
  16. Check furnace for proper temperature rise and adjust if needed
  17. Adjust burner for maximum efficiency
  18. Evaluate condition of filters, replace with filter supplied by client
  19. Lubricate all motor bearing
  20. Inspect heat exchanger
  21. Check for proper airflow
  22. Check for proper ignition and crossover of burners
  23. Clean up area
  24. Replace batteries in thermostat
  25. Debrief client on equipment condition

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Dependable Heating and Cooling offers furnace repair services for all brands and 24-hour a day emergency service during the winter months. Learn more about our repair and service process. Not sure whether to repair or replace your existing unit? Find out more, including the benefits of replacing.


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